Previous Conferences

  1. The 27th International Conference – Large Projects in Light of the 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy - Reality and Hope.
  2. The 26th International Conference of the Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, and Community Transformation - The university’s role in social, economic and political development.
  3. the role of banks in development in Egypt Conference.
  4. The Conference of Economic Openness : between production and consumption.
  5. The Conference of Economic Approach in Islam: between thought and practice.
  6. The Conference of National Development in Egypt.
  7. The Conference of Tourism in Egypt, its economics and management.
  8. The Conference of Savings in Egypt.
  9. The Conference of Prices and incomes in Egypt.
  10. The Conference of the problems of the insurance sector in Egypt
  11. The Conference of the elements of tourism development in Egypt
  12. Environmental Economics Conference
  13. Export conference. A national strategy
  14. The Conference of financing institutions strategies and development aspirations
  15. The Conference of Egyptian Industry Strategies. Reality and ambitions
  16. The Conference of human development in the Arab world
  17. The Conference of Small projects and sustainable development prospects in the Arab world.
  18. The Conference of Modernization and Quality Strategies for Arab Economies considering the Global Competition.
  19. The Conference of developing the investment climate in Arab countries considering contemporary challenges.
  20. The Arab Industry Modernization Conference in light of international changes
  21. Conference of the service industry in the Arab world, a future vision
  22. a strategic vision to activate the role of Arab human resources in light of contemporary challenges Conference.
  23. Conference on restructuring Arab economies in light of contemporary challenges
  24. Conference on the strategy of developing higher education institutions in the Arab world in light of contemporary challenges
  25. Conference on Foreign Investment in the Arab Countries: Reality and Hope.
  26. Knowledge Management Conference: Strategies and Challenges

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