About the Department


"To be prominent in the field of scientific research and counseling studies to create a culture of scientific approach, entrepreneurship and innovation that will benefit the college, the university and its community, the Arab region and humanity in general."



Creating a stimulating environment that promotes scientific approach, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of administrative sciences to serve the goals of national and human development.


The faculty members are committed to a set of values ​​that guide their work in the faculty, including research, and build their relationships with stakeholders and society. Some of these values ​​are:

  • Respecting human rights, including justice, dignity and freedom, and respecting individuals and society
  • Respecting others and helping them to achieve their interest
  • Embracing the principle of transparency and responsibility towards law and society
  • Commitment to integrity and honesty
  • Appreciating professional excellence, the pursuit of quality and innovation, and encouraging scientific research within ethical limits.
  • Appreciating individual and institutional knowledge.
  • Creating an entrepreneurial environment conducive to good performance and ethical standards.
  • Respecting teamwork and sharing experiences and encouraging professional activities.

Strategic Objectives  

  • Establishing a research clinic that provides research advice and prepares research that analyze and solve problems facing both companies and society.
  • Expanding opportunities for collaboration among faculty members from various departments to develop interdisciplinary research.  
  • Establishing a research system that includes rewards to stimulate and encourage the pursuit and obtaining external financial support, collaboration between different colleges and faculty members.
  • Establishing a research program in applied administrative, economic and financial aspects.
  • Establishing a specialized online scientific journal.
  • Publishing research papers in highly ranked international journals within four years.
  • Translating 10 books in administrative and economic sciences fields within four years.

Research Plan

  1. Research Projects:
    • The global competitiveness of the Arab Republic of Egypt
    • The effect of political incentives on shaping the cognitive and emotional aspects of the Egyptian voter
    • Problems and determinants of the performance of small and medium organizations in the Nile Basin countries
    • Determinants of technical efficiency of small and medium enterprises in the African continent
    • The effects of the digital transformation strategy on the Egyptian business environment
    • Social Marketing, Idea Marketing and Political Marketing
    • International Marketing and E-Marketing
  • Business ethics
  • Green practices for human resource management
    • Managing business risks
    • Behavioral trends in finance
    • Artificial intelligence in the business field.
    • Traditional and electronic business management fields in profit and non-profit organizations
    • Human resource management aspects in achieving competitive advantage
    • Electronic human resource management
    • Electronic financial management
    • Strategies to influence leadership and interactions.
    • sustainable production, digital production, and customer involvement in production.
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Green practices for human resource management
    • Negative leadership styles
    • Positive behaviors of workers in organizations
  1. Conferences
    • Holding an annual conference for the department in March every year. The conference starts with the chairmanship of Prof. President of the university, starting from next March 2020 entitled "The Egyptian Business Environment in Light of the Challenges of Digital Transformation"
    • Participating in the annual conference of the faculty.
  1. Seminars

The department is planning to hold a seminar about the problems that face business organizations, whether they are for profit or non-profit organizations. It is suggested that the title of the first seminar to be "The future trends of jobs and skills in the Middle East and North Africa until 2030"

  1. Discussion Seminars

Seminars are regularly held on the last Monday of every month at the department level. The seminar presents and discusses the local and international developments in business administration fields.  

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