The library

Vision of the Library:

The library plays an effective role in the development of the educational process by providing opportunities for undergraduates and post graduate students and researchers to get acquainted with the latest developments in accounting, management, economics,applied statistics and insurance. It also contributes to the pioneering status that the faculty of Commerce Mansoura University occupies amongst the Commerce faculties of the Egyptian and Arabic Universities by providing student, research and community services within the framework of international quality standards, human values and ethics, in a way that qualifies it to lead the business sector, taking into account the specificity of the culture of the Egyptian society. The library’s contribution to the college’s vision comes as the library is one of the most important departments of the faculty that provides its services to all faculty members, beginning with undergraduate students, and ending with faculty staff members.

Mission of the Library:

The library’s mission stems from being a specialized academic library, and this, requires care and organization for the library’s services and building comfortable halls for studying,reading and research in a way that allows this service to expand for students, researchers and faculty members, and consider it an opportunity for the scientific development that we seek. Therefore, it is certain that the library’s services should be accessed through an electronic information center in order to provide modern services and activate them with the latest methods through an integrated automatic system in order to develop the technical and administrative work inside the library.

Library objectives:

To support the activation of the library's integrated automated system.
To achieve the level of the information facilities in all modern faculties and to be considered as an example for the electronic organizing and documentation.
Activating the "Feed Back" system in measuring the quality of the library's performance of its provided services or the performance of its employees and its
financial capabilities on a regular basis, through performance measurement questionnaires.
Holding seminars and workshops to inform students, researchers and faculty members of all new library services and to make them aware of the importance of
the library and its role in the research service and to know the weaknesses in performance, if any.
Providing suitable, if not professional, human cadres, who are trained to implement the previous objectives.

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