cultural relations

The General Administration for Cultural Relations is divided into two departments:

First: Department of Missions and Scholarships:

Its field of work:
Announcing the annual scholarship plan for nomination of all kinds (external - joint supervision - scientific missions) and taking measures to implement them.
Taking measures to implement scholarships offered to the state from foreign
countries, as well as personal grants to obtain a scientific degree, or collect scientific material.
Communicate with the envoys sent abroad through the envoys service office.

Second: Department of Cultural Activities and Exchange:

Its field of work:
Internal and external dispatching of all kinds (conferences - seminars - training courses - workshops ....).
Bilateral agreements.

Execution programs.
International cooperations.
The Visiting professors.
Taking measures to bring Egyptian, Arab and foreign trainees and researchers to the university's faculties and units.
Announcing local and international scientific and cultural activities to faculty members.
Taking measures to hold scientific, cultural and training activities at the university.

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