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The Alumni Follow-up Unit at the Faculty of Commerce - Mansoura University is keen on permanent communication between the faculty and its graduates, raising the level and efficiency of its graduates, as well as working on a survey of the opinion of the faculty’s graduates to identify their needs and problems and working to solve them, and providing the necessary training programs to raise their capabilities and qualify them for the labor market.

unit vision:
Work to achieve effective communication between the college and its graduate students and help qualify them to compete at all levels to obtain job opportunities for all disciplines, as well as keep pace with the continuous developments of the labor market, as well as the continuous pursuit to develop and improve academic programs in the college to comply with the requirements of the local, regional and international labor market .

Unit message:
Proceeding from the mission of the Faculty of Commerce - Mansoura University to develop the capabilities of graduates to suit the needs of the labor market, the graduate follow-up unit at the faculty is working to open channels of communication between the faculty and its graduates to provide services aimed at raising the efficiency of graduates, developing their skills and qualifying them for the local, regional and international labor market, as well as working to provide Training opportunities that qualify them to keep pace with the labor market, as well as seek to provide job opportunities through cooperation between the college and the community.

Categories targeted by the unit:
The Graduate Follow-up Unit targets graduates of the Faculty of Commerce - Mansoura University.

Unit Strategic Objectives:
• Create a database of college graduates and update it on an ongoing basis.
• Communicate with graduates through various means of communication, which enhances the relationship of graduates to the college.
• Activating the unit's website to communicate with the graduates in order to announce all its activities as well as all the information and data required to be announced.
• Preparing an annual guide for college graduates.
• Issuing an annual magazine containing news of interest to graduates.
• Developing the necessary skills for graduates by organizing training and qualifying programs for graduates that meet the needs of the labor market while providing them with new in all areas of the labor market that are compatible with graduates of the Faculty of Commerce.
• Establishing an annual day for graduates to which graduates and men of various institutions and bodies are invited.
• Communicate with institutions and bodies at the local, regional and international levels regarding the absorption of the largest possible number of graduates.
• Building a communication channel between the graduates and the college.
• Completing the building of a comprehensive database of college graduates.
• Conducting research, studies and surveys related to the requirements of the labor market.
• Upgrading the training capacity of graduates by specifying courses that contribute and help in obtaining job opportunities inside and outside the country.
• Supporting the dissemination of a culture of quality and awareness of the importance of performance appraisal at all levels.
Orienting students in the final years to job opportunities available in the labor market, which the unit announces, as well as postgraduate studies.
• Establishing the annual employment forum to which all graduates who need employment for college graduates are invited.
• Recording the success stories of distinguished graduates and making them available to the rest of the graduates.
• Enhancing the spirit of belonging for the college graduates.
• Awareness of graduates of the importance of their role in the development of scientific courses.
• Follow up on employment rates among college graduates.
• Encouraging projects with community participation between the college and the authorities concerned with various services.
• The unit works on exchanging experiences between graduates, students and the college administration, so that the graduate becomes an ambassador for the college in the labor market.

Follow-up and communication mechanism with graduates:

First: Follow-up Mechanism:
• Registration of the database for the previous academic year, after the appearance of the cumulative result.
Addressing all the different institutions to inform us of any update on the telephone and fax numbers of the various sub-departments in order to increase communication with the graduates and inform them of any new training courses or any services provided by the college to them through the Graduate Follow-up Unit.

Second: Communication Mechanism:
- Sending the unit's social networking site attached to a brochure to announce the unit, which was prepared and activated by the Graduate Follow-up Unit for all industrial and commercial institutions, banks and insurance companies in order to inform all graduates of it.
- Sending a communication form to all industrial and commercial institutions, banks and insurance companies in order for the graduate to write down all his data (name, phone, work address, website) and also to suggest the training courses he wishes to obtain. .
- Updating the questionnaire that was prepared and activated by the unit regarding the courses that graduates wish to study annually.
- After collecting the communication forms and questionnaires, the training plan for the following year is developed based on the graduates' wishes and the available capabilities.
- The training plan is sent to all industrial and commercial institutions, banks and insurance companies to inform all graduates of the courses, their dates, the method of registration, and the lecturers. (The plan is also available on the unit's social networking site).
- A test is prepared before each training session and also after each training session to evaluate the performance of the course and the extent to which it is used in order to measure the return from the training courses.

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