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Egyptian society is witnessing undeniable developments in all areas of life, all aimed at improving the life quality of the citizens, providing opportunities for growth, advancement, and the introduction of all the tools that allow this society to move towards leadership, and this is the essence of Egypt’s 2030 vision.

          At the heart of these developments comes education and scientific research, based on a deep belief that institutions of higher education and scientific research are the motives of progress that lead the process of sustainable development and the development of society towards its aspirations in accordance with its values, to provide other society sectors with their needs of creative minds that carry out their duties efficiently and efficiently.

          Postgraduate Studies and Research sector at Faculty of Commerce – Mansoura University seeks to achieve the aspirations of society by:

  • Adopting the philosophy of digital transformation in all sector activities.
  • Offering up to date programs.
  • Supporting scientific research and its dissemination at the international and local level and introducing research projects and conferences that serve the Egyptian state.
  • Developing the Faculty Scientific Journal (Egyptian Journal of Business Studies) and linking it to international databases.
  • Develop and update library management and focus on turning it into a digital library.
  • Adopting an annual conference consistent with Egypt's 2030 Vision.

Finally, I must refer to the important role played by all members of the postgraduate sector of the faculty who are working with team spirit according to their competence to reach the desired goal, believing in the overall vision of building a knowledge society and reaching scientific leadership.

Prof Mona ELdakrory

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs

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Prof Mona ELdakrory

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs



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