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The Accounting Department was established with the establishment of the Faculty of Commerce in 1973-1974. The department includes a group of faculty members with distinguished qualifications and competencies from various academic schools. Since its establishment, the department seeks to develop its study plans, considering the integration and interdependence of those plans in order to meet the needs of the labor market. The department also seeks, through its current study plan, to provide highly qualified graduates in accounting learning and education, who are committed to the ethics of the accounting and auditing profession, and are able to compete and adapt to changes in the business environment. One of the most important features of the current study plan is its inclusion of a set of integrated courses that enable students to be qualified to work in various accounting positions.  


 To be the preferred choice in teaching accounting and scientific research for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, whether they are Egyptians or expatriates, and to achieve leadership in applied research as well as linking the scientific research system in the department with the needs of society and national projects to contribute to the development of the Egyptian state.


Providing students with an outstanding accounting education that enables them to successfully compete in the market, adapt to the continuous changes in the business environment, continue their post-graduate studies, and providing an environment that supports professional ethics and research accounting field.


  • Providing students with the necessary understanding of accounting in terms of theory and practice.
  • Preparing students to work in various business fields.
  • Preparing students to continue their postgraduate studies.
  • Developing continuous learning and community services skills for students.
  • Developing scientific research in the accounting field which contributes in solving the societal problems and achieving comprehensive development plans.
  • Serving the national and international community as well as activating the cooperation and community partnership relations with stakeholders.

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