About the Program

The philosophy of the English program is based on openness to the experiences of the developed countries in various fields that are related to commercial studies and the selection of the useful information and experiences that are in line with our culture and environment in which the elements of originality and contemporary interact in a coherent system.  

There are two main factors:

  • The first: Shifting the focus from teaching to learning.
  • The second: the conscious understanding of the meaning of originality and contemporary.

The first factor involves four basic principles, which can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Using the five senses in the educational process has become an inevitable necessity, as if the student is able to see, feel and touch what he is studying, this would support what he will learn.
  2. The educational process should focus not only on indoctrination and listening, but also on reading and participation by assigning office readings, research and group discussions to the students as well as providing them with presentation and presentation skills.
  3. Excessive education is worse than neglecting it. The quality, mastery and personal interaction of students with the information they obtain is more effective in creating and forming creativity and innovation skills.
  4. Being open to the experiences and successes of others and benefiting from them is more positive in dealing with the realities of life than speaking about the heritage and past successes.

In order to follow the previous principles, the educational process will be based on choosing a group of well-known and recent foreign books and references. The educational process will focus also on using case studies, role-playing, group participation and discussion, while supporting this with a method of presenting information and providing the student with it.

Regarding the second factor:

The goal will not be to just import everything that is new or recent and transmit it or adhere to it literally under the pretext of contemporary.

The philosophy of the program in this field is to select what is imported from the information and experiences and modify them to be compatible with our foundations, culture and environmental conditions according to an integrated perspective in which the elements of originality and contemporary interact in a harmonious and unified system.

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