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Vision, mission and goals College vision: The leadership of the Faculty of Commerce at Mansoura University in the faculties of commerce in the Egyptian and Arab universities by providing student, research and community services within the framework of international quality standards, human values ​​and ethics, in order to qualify it to lead the business sector, taking into account the specificity of the culture of the Egyptian society. College Message: The Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, seeks to provide an environment supportive of teaching, learning and scientific research, and attention to community issues and problems. To qualify it to lead colleges of commerce in Egyptian and Arab universities through: Developing the student’s personality and improving his skills in line with the requirements of the labor market. Developing academic programs in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to achieve the desired competitiveness locally and regionally. Spreading the use of educational technology and electronic calendar in all scientific departments. Spreading and deepening the knowledge management culture among students, employees, faculty members and their assistants. Promote scientific research and support cooperation with scientific research centers locally, regionally and internationally. Dedicating the potential of the college to serve community issues and problems. Developing teaching and learning strategies to raise the performance levels of students in the college. The College's Strategic Objectives: Promote and develop teaching and learning. Promoting and developing graduate studies programs in the college to meet the community's needs for professional development. Promote and develop scientific research in the college in a way that helps the economic development of society. Promote and develop community services. Strengthening administrative and organizational capabilities and developing self-resources. Obtaining academic accreditation. College Philosophy: The Faculty of Commerce at Mansoura University performs its various educational, research and service activities under a deep belief in the requirements of assurance Quality, both quantitatively and qualitatively, with increasing attention to time and cost.

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