26th Faculty of Commerce- Mansoura University International Conference (TUST)

The University and Social Transition

(The University Role in Social, Economic and Political Development)

Sharm El-Shaikh - Eygpt

16-17 April, 201 


The beginning of the 21st century has witnessed great scientific and technological changes. These changes had their positive and negative effects on transitional economies in social, economic and political arenas. Additionally, on the level of governmental institutions, such changes formed a barrier towards fulfilling their role in diminishing the negative effects and reaping the benefits of the positive ones. Consequently, this raised the role of educational institutions particularly universities and research centers in leading a safe social transition in emerging economies to make sure that such economies can compete in the global markets. This can be done by supporting scientific research that aims to face the obstacles that face the development process such as those related to the economic development, direct investments, supporting small and medium sized enterprises, decreasing unemployment levels, brain drain, fraud combat and the rule of law…etc.
This conference spots light on the role of university stemming from its social and environmental responsibilities in determining the challenges and opportunities that face de facto and de jure social transition. 
Believing in the role of universities in supporting the social transition (social, economic and political development), the Faculty of commerce at Mansoura University is pleased to bring together researchers from around the globe in order to present and discuss their views. 


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