vision & mission & goals


"The Faculty of Commerce at Mansoura University is seeking to provide a unique and outstanding environment for teaching, learning, scientific research, and community service. This enables providing unique professional services in the fields of training, research, and consulting for national and international organizations. The Faculty is aiming to gain and maintain academic accreditation based on meeting the national and international standards."

Faculty Mission

"The Faculty of Commerce is a governmental institution that provides variety of services through its academic departments and special-purpose units. It aims to prepare distinguished specialists with knowledge and skills in the fields of Accounting, Business Administration, Economy, Statistics, and Insurance who can efficiently fulfil the needs of local and international communities."

Faculty strategic goals

Introducing graduates who are scientifically, technically, intellectually and culturally skilled who meet the requirements of the business environment and who can efficiently take part in achieving growth and development for the society.

The organized and effective participation in the national development through systematic high quality scientific research and technical studies in line with the needs of the society and the labor market in order to achieve the requirements for development economically, socially and culturally.

Investment of science and technology in the management system of the faculty and enhancing cooperation and constructive interaction between faculty departments (academic and managerial) as well as integrating the concepts and mechanisms for continuous improvement and total quality in building the organizational framework, providing a model for outside organizations and sectors of the society.


Maximizing the role of the faculty as a center of learning, education and enlightenment as well as increasing scientific and intellectual contributions in the Arab world and Africa bearing in mind retaining the unique Egyptian identity.

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